Solo Exhibition


 - 26.05.2001
Chelouche Gallery
Chelouche Gallery
Curator: Nira Itzhaki
Michal Shamir, Blinds, 2001, video, cotton candy, photographs on blinds, installation view, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
Blinds (1), 2000-2001,photograph on blinds, 180X150 cm

In the exhibition Michal Shamir will present 5 scenery photographs of desolation, yellow from the haze and dust, glued onto gigantic shades that are pierced in light slits through which the light does not shine.  Between them a video is projected in a loop, showing a nipple spraying milk on to the camera lens in endless jets that pours and flows like the films about the Action Painters of the New York School. From the chilling clusters of cotton candy are hang down, puffy and airy in their first day and them slowly stifle and become sticky towards the end of the exhibition. The back wall of the exhibition is covered through and though with double-sided type, that registers the “impressions of the passing time”: hands that touched, hair that got caught, dust, bugs and so on.

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