Group Exhibition

Protective edge

Michal Shamir, Revital Ben Asher Peretz, Yoav Cohen, Sahar Azimi

Chelouche Gallery
Chelouche Gallery
The performance “Protective Edge” at the Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv explored the notions of protection, fake news, security, borders, and the artistic urge to defy, rebel, question, and walk “on the edge.”

Over the past two years, the project’s participants—curator Revital Ben-Asher Peretz, video artist Yoav Cohen, choreographer and dancer Sahar Azimi, and artist Michal Shamir—held multiple meetings. Brainstorming in their various media led to departure from each participant’s comfort zones, prompting them to challenge their predefined professional identities, and to cross the lines toward the other’s court.
The chosen title “Protective Edge”—the English name given to the 2014 IDF operation launched by Israel in the Gaza Strip—inspired the group to explore the human conditioning pertaining to protection, security, and borders, as well as the artistic urge to defy, rebel, question, and walk “on the edge.”
The performance events, which extend over the gallery’s three levels and form an integral part of the project, are intended to undermine the customary viewing and consumption habits in an art gallery, theater and cinema via distortions, shifts, interventions, and interruptions introduced by group members.

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