Duo Exhibition

Training House

Alona Friedberg, Limor Orenstein

Chelouche Gallery
Chelouche Gallery
Alona Friedberg & Limor Orenstein are a couple of young and original artists, who work as a duel ever since their day at the Midrasha school of arts.

The exhibition includes an installation in the gallery space and a video work (Tekken).
The installation deals with the gallery space by transforming it into blunt substitute surroundings aesthetically wise as well as iconologically: the walls of the gallery was painted bright, oily red and on the floor a syntactical grass carpet was spread. Onto the grass invade a wall installation that is bound by the walls of a large greenhouse. The work is a dismantled and reconstructed image, of the artists siting, each with her leg put in cast, resting on a bench. From each side of the siting image of the artists a speaker plays the song Lighthouse, by the master of 50’s Israeli music, the late Shoshana Damari.

The video work Tekken draws from the popular “Mash-up” culture. This is a combination, or a collage, of historical films that documented the life of the citizens in the early years of the state of Israel, scenes from Hollywood movies from he same period, digital computer games, animation and image from the history of art.

The works in the exhibition Training House deal with relations between the natural and the artificial, the privacy of the house and the public front, the national identity and the enlightened cosmopolitan model. It deals with the fixation in which we live in, and the conflict between the attraction to the kitsch and the synthetic from one side and the gender – determined national subjective identity from the other side.

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