November 9, 2020

Protective Edge | ART B AND B | 9-12 Nov. 2020 | TLV

Protective Edge | ART B AND B | 9-12 Nov. 2020 | TLV

Monday  at 8pm starts the “sleeping show” by “Protective Edge” group in the sleepy empty halls of the Tel-Aviv’s cultural institutions.

Your welcome to join us at Shaul Hamelech 19 BLV or wtach the live streaming in the following link:


From 9-12 November, the “Protective Edge” group undertakes renews action, this time in the “twilight” area of the Culture world of Israel.

The members of the group, Yoav Cohen, Sahar Azimi, RevitalBen-Asher Perez and Michal Shamir along with their gallerist Nira Itzhaki (Chelouche Gallery) will turn the central cultural halls of Tel Aviv into sleeping quarters.

The artists are being hosted and will sleep, in sleeping bags, in the abandoned hall of The Cameri Theater, on the big stage of the Opera House, between the books shelves of the Beit Arielathe city Library and at the feet of the famous Dog statue of Jeff Koos in Tel Aviv Museum.

The action is to emphasize the void and the emptiness of these major cultural buildings center that were emptied of content and of public.

In each institution the CEO’s will welcome the participants and show them benefits of the “New B&B”.

The opera singers at the opera, the actors at the Cameri Theate.they all will react in their own way, to the sleeping performance of the artists members of “Protective Edge” group.

All the events in these cultural spaces, the guests that visit, the performances, the discussions and the slumber, will be screened onto the big outside wall of the Cameri Theater in live streaming, through the social media and the Facebook site of the newspaper Haaretz.

The peek into the intimacy of a sleeping artist, in these spaces of the national halls, puts the limelight onto the exposed nerves of all the cultural world today.

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