Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index

Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index

Tomer Sapir || 130 nis

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About the book
“Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index” shows different stages of a continuing project that lasted for about a decade. The works are shown as an evolutionary process, from the project’s early stages when abstract-organic configurations were made, to the current stages when the project turns to man and culture. The book contains images of works, references and research and work processes, as well as texts by the curators Tami Katz-Friedman, Tali Tamir and Avi Lubin (the book’s editor).

Design by Avigail Reiner / The Studio

Reut Baenea about Tomer Sapir’s book launch, Calcalist, Art News, 9.10.18 (In Hebrew)–>

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