August 29, 2012

Uri Gershuni, Tomer Sapir and Michal Shamir at Herzelia Museum

Uri Gershuni, Tomer Sapir and Michal Shamir at Herzelia Museum


Uri Gershuni, Tomer Sapir and Michal Shamir at the group exhibition “Cabinets of Wonder in Contemporary Art: From Astonishment to Disenchantment“, at the Herzelia Museum.

Curators: Dalia Levin, Daria Kaufmann and Ghila Limon

Opening: 08.09.2012, 8pm

Uri Gershuni, Full Moon, 2011, inkjet print, 50X75 each

Tomer Sapir, Research for the Full Crypto-Taxidermical Index, 2010, Mixed media, installation view, Haifa Museum of Art.

Michal Shamir, Untitled, 2012, mixed media, installation at the Herzelia Museum

The current exhibition centers on contemporary artworks that are concerned with subjects similar to those featured in historical cabinets of wonder. This exhibition suggests that such contemporary artworks present a world view different than the one that shaped early cabinets of wonder – one impacted by the far-reaching changes that have reshaped the world and by the dramatic shift in our perception of it. The gaze cast upon these wonders by contemporary artists undermines accepted perceptions of the world, and attempts to introduce a sense of disorder into the existing order. The works included in this exhibition critically examine the concept of wonder, replacing the viewer\’s sense of amazement with an experience of disenchantment and bitter disappointment.

For an artical about the exhibition, by Grahm Lawson on the Jerusalem Post | Metro, click here 

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