May 19, 2009

White Night in Tel Aviv

White Night in Tel Aviv

Chelouche Gallery is delighted to participate at the White Night events in Tel Aviv

with the exhibition NEIGHBORS

27.05.09, the gallery will be open for visitors 17:00-24:00


Group Exhibition

Gaston Zvi Ickowicz / Nadav Weissman / Melanie Manchot
3P=3Players / Laurent Mareschal / Tal Shoshan

Curator: Nira Itzhaki

Neighbors, 2009, general view, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv

The exhibition raises aspects of neighborliness – a physical-geographical adjacency, predominantly determined in an arbitrary manner – examining the relations it dictates and the mutual influences it generates. The concept of “neighbors” is being probed from a perspective that includes an immediate proximity of person to person, a wider surrounding of residential neighborhood, and relations between vicinal populations in the political state. Neighborly relations also develop between the works in the exhibition itself.

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