Food Weave

Nivi Alroyi, Zohar Gotesman, Tama Goren, Michael Gitlin, Miriam Gamburd, Ayelet Zohar, Ana Yam, Uriel Miron, Yossi Mark, Assi Meshullam, Assaf Rahat, Orit Raff, Maayan Shahar, Samah Shihadi

Chelouche Gallery
Curator: Drorit Gur Arie and Nira Itzhaki

The exhibition draws its inspiration from the idea of a “Food Weave”. The concept originates in the field of ecology and relates to different food chains that operate in nature and have diverse interactions among them. Plants and animals are food for other living things in different relationships of producers and consumers.

The exhibition seeks to simulate a visual web of food, in which the connections between the bodies of work in the spaces of the gallery are formed with a mutual affinity in both content and form. The exhibition reflects on a reality in which various formations radiate dissipation, erasure, silence, disruption, sinking, disappearance, and alongside them vectors of renewal and resurrection.

‘Food Weave’ focuses on a number of axes such as: the classical, mythical, iconoclastic, cycles of existence, gravity, degradation and regeneration. These arrays produce moods such as: irony, humor, sarcasm, absurdity, macabre, and contemplative that pertain to contemporary feelings of existence.

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