On the Beach


Friday, October 19, 2001


On the beach by Gil Goldfine

 The Jerusalem Post



That quintessential conceptual – installation artist, Gideon Gechtman (b. Israel, 1942) has broken with his convention of presenting provocative installations and confrontational tableaux.
Although Etude contains subtle references to Gechtman's past analysis of relationships (tall and short, original and facsimile, natural and imitation) it is designed around a miniaturized, geometrically designed chair, assembled, not sculpted, from gold – plated metal parts riveted into place. This stylish maquette, displayed under glass on a pristine pedestal, provides Gechtman with a dimensional mechanism for creating several graphics of variations on the chair's character and its elements.
Isometric and planar computer generated line drawings, photographs and brass reliefs are all meticulous diagnostic documentations of the image.
The panels are not only informative but quite aesthetic, especially the reliefs that have been cut, polished and mounted with diligence and panache.

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